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We proudly breed Multi Generational Australian Labradoodles! They are best known for their intelligence, loving and comical natures with the added bonus of being allergy friendly with low/non-shedding coats! What more could anyone want in a pet? These pups are whelped in our home from the finest quality of blood lines.

Our breeding stock are first and foremost our beloved pets and are from the founding bloodlines in Australia…Rutland Manor and Tegan Park. We are very proud that the foundation of our program is built on the Code of Ethics of the Australian Labradoodle Association of America.

Our Health Testing is comprehensive as we adhere to the Silver and Gold Standards as set forth by the Labradoodle Association. Our puppies are given the very best care, not only in veterinary care, but we also participate in the Early Neurological Stimulation Program and take time for extensive Socialization with our puppies.  All of our puppies are Micro-Chipped as well as Spayed or Neutered prior to their arrival in their new “forever” home.

How It All Began!
I am a semi-retired doctor of audiology who has always had a love for dogs. Due to empty nest syndrome and the selling of my private practice, I found myself with quite a bit of time on my hands.  With just my beloved aging Coco (chocolate lab), I began the search for a new puppy to raise.  I LOVED the lab temperament but was tired of the shedding and the wet dog smell!.  During all of my research, I kept coming back to the Australian Labradoodle. I absolutely fell in love with the breed!  I was especially impressed with the breed’s tendency towards service and therapy work.  It wasn’t long after getting our first puppy that I knew I had to have a second one!

With serious thought and planning, I decided what better way to fill my time, and heart, than by creating a breeding program and becoming active with Pet Partners (formerly Delta Society).  The breeding program grew more quickly than I ever could have imagined and within the first 4 years, 7 of the Good Day Doodles became certified/registered in either service or therapy work.  I am now hoping to have one doodle registered for After Disaster therapy work as well.  My life and my heart is once again full!

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