Australian Labradoodle Coat Types

Coat care and cleanup is another important dog and breed-dependent factor to consider when searching for the right dog to fit your family and your lifestyle, but it’s one that most people don’t really think about beyond the surface. The general question people ask when considering the coat of a potential pup is, “What does it look like?” Some people want a shaggy dog, some a coiled coif, some care more for light colored coats, and some for dark. All of these preferences play into choosing the perfect companion. Australian Labradoodles come in a range of colors; you’re almost certain to find one you like!

Australian Labradoodle Coat Types

The second coat-related question most people ask is, “What does it feel like?” This is another personal preference, with some people partial to the course-haired and others in love with soft, silky fur. Some pet owners prefer a scruffy texture and others like their pups to be fluffy. Good Day Doodles are Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles, and are fuzzy, fluffy, furry friends with amazingly soft coats.

But people who have had to clean a couch covered in fur, or who have had to brush their pup daily to keep their coat healthy and clear know the real questions to ask breeders: “How much will it shed, and how high is the maintenance?”

Behind their often-praised friendly and intelligent temperament, the Australian Labradoodle’s coat is the most desired feature of the breed. It is loved by those with dog allergies in particular because it is low-shedding or non-shedding and very allergy friendly. But the benefits of a non-shedding dog are more than just stopping sneezes and sniffles.

Anyone that has had the daily task of sweeping their furry floors and cleaning the hair-covered upholstery will appreciate the low or no-shed Australian Labradoodle coat! They do need to be brushed or combed and receive regularly scheduled haircuts to keep their peepers from getting lost in the coat.

And no matter how much we all love our pets, I don’t know anyone that loves that “wet dog” smell! I marvel every time my wet pup comes in the house and smells just as nice as she did when she went out dry. Because Australian Labradoodles shed less than other breeds, they also don’t come with this unpleasant aspect of dog-ownership that most of us would rather do without. What’s not to love?

Coat Types: Wavy Fleece, Curly Fleece, Straight Fleece, & Wool

Since we only breed Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodles, our pups will either have a fleece, wavy fleece, curly fleece or wool coat.

Wavy Fleece Coat

The Fleece Coat is softer than you could ever imagine. It may be wavy or have an open curl spiraling look.  You won’t be able to keep your hands out of it! This type of coat is soft and silky, like a brand new fleece sweater, and its low shedding tendencies make it ideal for allergy sufferers. The wavy fleece is a long, shaggy-dog-esque coat and can have either gentle waves or a loose, open spiral, depending on the dog.

Curly Fleece Coat

The curly fleece coat is halfway between the wavy fleece and wool coat types. It is soft and downy, like other fleece coat types, but it has a tighter, closer curl than the cascading spirals of the wavy fleece. The open curls aren’t as tight as the wool coat, but they have a similar cushioning effect, making for extra soft, extra fluffy, extra allergy-friendly fur!

Straight Fleece Coat

The straight fleece coat is the most similar in appearance to the Labrador heritage of the Australian Labradoodle. But don’t let its looks fool you, it’s not course like hair or fur types! With a soft, downy texture, the straight fleece coat type is just as cuddle (and allergy) friendly as its wavy relatives.

Wavy Fleece Coat


Wavy Fleece vs Straight Fleece





Wool Coat

The tighter the curl in the coat (with the wool coat type being the tightest), the lower the shedding and the more allergy-friendly. The wool coat looks like it would have a coarse texture, but it’s soft and fluffy like lamb’s wool. Its closed curl loops back on itself to create a sort of air-filled pocket for cushiony cuddles. Fill out our application form today to bring one of our loving, fluffy pups into your family!