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Australian Showdown: What’s the Difference Between Australian Labradoodles and Aussidoodles?

Though their names are very similar (and easily confused), Australian Labradoodles and Aussidoodles are very different breeds. Both are Poodle cross breeds, and are very intelligent dogs, but there are differences in both their temperament and their history that distinguish one from the other.

Temperament: Australian Labradoodles & Aussiedoodles

Australian Labradoodle



Australian Labradoodles are renowned for their temperament; it’s one of the main things that drew us at Good Day Doodles to the breed. Australian Labradoodles are extremely friendly, loyal, and patient pups. They share the Labrador’s love of people and their Poodle side lends them a high level of intelligence. These two traits combine to give Australian Labradoodles a remarkable intuition; they know what their owners need from them, making them especially apt service dogs.

Aussidoodles are friendly dogs, to be sure, but they don’t hold a candle to the affable Australian Labradoodle. They have a loyal and lovable temperament, but they are less pet-friendly than Australian Labradoodles and have an unfortunate tendency to begin herding family members, including children… this comes from their Australian Shepherd heritage. This can take the form of nudging or nipping, and can be misconstrued as aggression. Aussidoodles have a strong compulsion to do a job, and they will find a way to entertain themselves if left to their own devices (often with the destruction of their owner’s property).


Australian Labradoodles were bred with a very specific purpose: to meet the need for allergy-friendly service dogs. The well-known allergy friendly favorite, the poodle, combines with the affable, loyal, and happy Labrador for an intelligent, trainable, and extremely intuitive dog with a low or no-shed coat, reducing the suffering of those in search of a companion or therapy dog, but who have a dog allergy. Less or absent shedding means less exposure to dander, leading to fewer allergic reactions. The first Australian Labradoodle was bred with this goal in mind when a blind woman was in need of a guide dog who would not aggravate her husband’s dog allergy. Her pup, Sultan, soon drew praise for being an exceptional companion with an allergy-friendly coat.

The history of the Aussioodle is a bit different. Rather than breeding for a combination of service dogs and allergy-friendliness, the Aussidoodle was bred to be a canine MERSA member. Both the Poodle and Australian Shepherd are considered to be among the smartest of all dog breeds. Their intelligence combined creates a super-smart hybrid in the Aussidoodle, smarter even than the Australian Labradoodle. This intelligence has a price, though. Where the clever Australian Labradoodle may play a trick on his owners, an Aussidoodle may do more damage if not kept busy with a stimulating and challenging job.

Both Australian Labradoodles and Aussidoodles make great pets, and are wonderful companion dogs for families. However, we believe the little things that separate the breeds make the Australian Labradoodle a clear winner. If you’re interested in seeing just how amazing these pups are for yourself, fill out our application to start the adoption process today!


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    • Aussiedoodles are a cross between an Australian Shepard and a Poodle. The Australian Labradoodle was developed in Australia, hence the name. There are about 5 founding breeds in the Australian Labradoodle bloodline with the specific purpose of producing a consistent hypoallergenic coat that is low to non-shedding and a consistent temperament that can be used with service work, therapy work or as a superior companion pet.

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