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Available Puppy


Callie x Luke 

Dam: Good Day’s Callie (ALAA-059717)

Chocolate anyone?! If so, this may be the litter for you. Callie is the mom that chases away monsters at night for a 5-year-old and Luke is the boy that attends every soccer game. You could not ask for better temperaments. They will be 60+ pounds and will be ready to go home 9/28/19. We are currently taking applications for a chocolate Female.


Sire: Salem Manor’s Cool Hand Luke (ALAA-043433)

 Georgia X Harley

Dam: Good Day’s Georgia (ALAA-064905)

We currently have open spots for chocolate females.  They will be 35-40 pounds fully grown and are ready to go home on September 28th. These puppies will have fabulous coats with gentle/playful temperaments and will be the perfect compromiose for the husband that wants big and the wife that wants small!  Here is a link if you would like to peek in on the live stream web cam (available from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm)  https://home.nest.com/camera/6705689de3204426b56dad1ac34b8734



Sire: Good Day’s Harley is A Winner

Stella x Fagen

Dam: Good Day’s Stella

If a gentle giant is what you are looking for than these guys will be just that. These boys and girls will be 60+ pounds and will be ready to home Sept 28th. WE have an opening for a chocolate male and female.


Sire: Good Day’s Fagen

Upcoming Litter Reservations

Upcoming Litter  – Ellie X Cash

Dam: Good Day’s Ellie (ALAA-060505)

 This is a repeat breading brought back by popular demand!  Pups are expected around September 24th and if like last time we will have a rainbow litter with a couple of reds, apricot/creams, chocolates and silky shinny blacks.  They should mature to a nice standard size of 60 pounds.

  • We are now only accepting applications for chocolate or black males.

Sire: Good Day’s  Cash (ALAA-06551)

Upcoming Litter  – Oakley X Boden

Dam: Good Day’s Oakley (ALAA-061039)

 This is a another repeat breading brought back by popular demand!  Pups are expected October 21st.  They will have a rainbow litter and we will have an openings for caramels/ creams, blacks and chocolates. They will be 60+ pounds of pure love. 

Sire: DoodleLane’s My Boy Boden (ALAA-056480)