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All puppies currently on the ground all have their forever families waiting on them. No worries, you can see our upco0ming litters down below.

Upcoming Litter Reservations

Upcoming Litter  – Millie x Cash

Dam: Good Day’s Thoroughly Modern Millie ALAA-046351

Good Day’s Millie and Cash will be expecting a litter of large mediums / small standards 35-45 pounds with beautiful red, apricot, and caramel coats. Some might even have some white mismarks! These precious pups will be due on August 2nd.

Sire: Good Day’s Cash ALAA-066551

Upcoming Litter  – Callie X Luke

Dam: Good Day’s Callie (ALAA-059717)

Chocolate anyone?! If so, this may be the litter for you. Callie is the mom that chases away monsters at night for a 5-year-old and Luke is the boy that attends every soccer game. You could not ask for better temperaments. They will be 50-60 pounds and will be here August 12th! 


Sire: Salem Manor’s Cool Hand Luke (ALAA-043433)

Upcoming Litter  – Georgia X Harley

Dam: Good Day’s Georgia (ALAA-064905)

The happiest girl in the world is going to have puppies with Harley in mid-August. Miss Georgia was born Chocolate but has turned a beautiful lavender. Yes, when the sun hits her coat it gives off a beautiful lavender hue. Harley has sired many wonderful puppies and is always a fan favorite wherever he goes. Their pups will be small standards/large mediums (40-45 pounds) and will be the perfect temperament between old soul and playfulness. Coats will be solids with white mismarks (not full parti like Dad).


Sire: Good Day’s Harley is A Winner