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Available Puppy


Upcoming Litter  – Chip X Kandi

Dam: Good Day’s Kandi (ALAA-063229)

Chip and kandi delivered 7 healthy chocolate pups on 11/17/19. We currently have one chocolate male reservation spot available. Please email us at info@gooddaydoodles.com if interested. Puppies will be ready to go to their forever home on 1/11/19.

Sire: Good Day’s Chip (ALAA-066154)

Upcoming Litter Reservations

Upcoming Litter  – Scarlett x Cooper

Dam: Good Day’s Scarlett (ALAA-058050)

This will be a first time pairing from two parents with exceptional temperaments and beauty. There will be chocolates and Caramel/creams. Females will be 40-50 and males will be 50-60 pounds. They will be due Mid December. We cannot wait for this Christmas time surprise! 

Sire: Midwest cooper at Good Day ( ALAA-074737)


Upcoming Litter  – Daisy x Chewbacca

Dam: Good Day’s Daisy (ALAA-055404)

These sweet Doodles are expecting puppies due 1/7/20. They will be mini’s at 20-25 pounds. They will have a chocolates, reds, black, caramel/creams with white mismarks. We do not have mini litters often so this list will fill up fast! 

Sire: Midwest’s Labradoodles Chewbacca (ALAA-068830)


Upcoming Litter  – Delilah x Charlie

Dam: Good Day’s Delilah (ALAA-060035)

Delilah x Charlie will have puppies due 1/8/20. They will be mediums (30-40) and will have all reds, caramels, creams and apricots. We are so excited for this litter!

Sire: ASD’s Charlie! (ALAA- 050331)


Upcoming Litter  – Arwen x Luke

Dam: Good Day’s Arwen (ALAA-061040)

Arwen and Luke are expecting puppies that are due in early Janurary. They will be standards in the 50-60 pound range. They will have chocolates and caramels/ creams. 

Sire: Salem Manor’s Cool hand Luke ( ALAA- 043433 )


Upcoming Litter  – Penny x Blake

Dam: Good Day’s Penelope Mae ( ALAA- 055900 )

Penny x Blake will have pups due 1/21/20. This paring is back by popular demand! This paring has produced some of the best temperments and awesome coats. They will be 40-50 pounds and will have solid chocolates and caramels as well some beautiful parti’s.

Sire: Good Day’s Blake Alexander ( ALAA-055221)