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Available Puppy

We have an opening for a standard cream female in the Bumble X Boden litter! This beautiful girl was born December 22nd and will have a go home date of February 16th.

Dam: Good Day’s Bumble (ALAA-056297)

Sire: DoodleLane’s My Boy Boden (ALAA-056840)

Upcoming Litter Reservations

Upcoming Litter #1 – Cricket x Brodie

Dam: Good Day’s Cricket (ALAA-056781)

The stunning Good Day’s Cricket ALAA- 056781 with the curly fleece coat and the sweet and cuddly Happy Time Brodie ALAA-056436 are going to have a stunning litter of standards at 50-60+ pounds. They will have chocolate and cream/caramel coats in this litter. Pups are expected to be born mid-February

Sire: Good Day’s Brodie (ALAA-056436)

Upcoming Litter #2 – Ellie x Cash

Dam: Good Day’s Ellie (ALAA-060505)

Good Day’s Ellie (ALAA-060505) and Good Day’s Cash (ALAA- 066551). It is all rainbows here at Good Day Doodles. Ellie and Cash will have a rainbow litter of 1/4 Chocolate, 1/4 black and one 1/2 cream, red and apricot. The rainbow litter is so much fun. It is the best way to guarantee that we will have your favorite color. They will be standards at 50-60 pounds. These cuties will definitely be the treasure at the end of the rainbow. They are due to be born near February 26th.

Sire: Good Day’s Cash (ALAA-066551)

Upcoming Litter #3 – Lucy x Fenway

Dam: Good Day’s Lucy (ALAA-051567)

Just back from their honeymoon, Good Day Lucy in the Sky (ALAA-051567) and Vancouver’s Fenway at Good Day (ALAA-060335) will have their second litter due February 26th. These munchkins will mature to about 30 pounds with chocolate and cream coats that will be to die for!

Sire: Good Day’s Fenway (ALAA-060335)

Upcoming Litter #4 – Callie x Cash

Dam: Good Day’s Callie (ALAA-059717)

Callie and Cash are going to have a rainbow litter! There will be something for everyone. These pups will be 50-60 pounds when fully grown. The litter will be 1/4 chocolate, 1/4 black, and 1/2 caramel/red/apricot. Both of these parents have famous sweet and loving Good Day personalities and I know they will pass that trait down to their puppies. They are due to be born February 21st.

Sire: Good Day’s Cash (ALAA-066551)