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Good Day’s Cash ALAA-066551

Size: 22 in and 50 pounds
Coat: Fleece
Color: Red
Hips/Elbows: Normal
Cardiac: Normal
CERF: Normal
vWD: Clear
PRA: Clear
Patella: Normal
EIC: Normal
IC: Normal

This is Cash… the sweetest, most affectionate and happiest little guy imaginable.  

He loves playing with his older “brother”, Harley, and never tires of running, jumping, climbing hills, retrieving large sticks and chasing balls.  Cash is a non-stop bundle of joy and at the end of the day, despite being nearly 50 pounds, he frequently jumps into his human dad’s lap to fall asleep.  

His family is greeted every morning with his big smile. Really, he smiles.  And he stays joyful and full of fun all day.  He is quite simply, a very happy-go-lucky fella.

Cash has never met anyone that he didn’t love.  And for that matter, he’s never met anyone who didn’t immediately fall in love with him.


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