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Good Day’s Lily Mae

Good Day’s Lily Mae   ALAA–042153



Size: medium (35lbs)

Coat: Curly Fleece

Color: Chocolate

Cardiac: Normal

CERF: Normal

EIC: Clear

PRA: Clear

Patellas/Elbows: Normal

Here is a little information on this sweet girl from her wonderful family….
Lily Mae  just loves to play and she’s not picky about her playmates! She loves being out in nature, swimming in the lake and spying on squirrels and the local deer. She loves to trot down the local trails with her best friends Leo the Doberman and Jax the Boxer. She is equally happy to chase her big brother’s basketball and snuggle up to her big sister on the couch. Lily’s temperament is perfectly matched to the situation – she barks at the UPS truck but happily accepts the driver’s friendly pats.
Hands down one outstanding doodle!

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