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Miss “B”

Good Day’s Mayan Princess (AKA Miss B)


 Size: 22 inches (small standard)
 Coat:  Fleece
 Color:  Black (carries for cream/red/chocolate)
Penn Hips: 50th percentile
 Cardiac: Normal
 CERF: Normal
 vWD: Clear
EIC: Normal
PRA: Normal
Patellas: Normal


Good Day’s Mayan Princess Boox…….is not only unique for her name but also her color. So many folks have difficulty pronouncing her name that around here we just refer to her as Miss B. 🙂   When she was born (out of our chocolate boy Wally and our red girl Bella) we were immediately taken by her jet black color.  We had a difficult time photographing the beautiful features of her face but when families came here to visit the litter, everyone was taken aback by how stunning she was!  Clearly the most beautiful puppy in the litter. Black is a rare color for the Australian Labradoodle and once you see one in person you will be hard pressed to ever want anything else.  Our plans are to breed her with a dark red stud and develop Blacks and Reds into our Good Day lines. Can you tell I have a fascination with the genetics of color?!  Keep your eye on the happenings surrounding our Miss B….she is a small standard with a nice square confirmation.  She will be delivering some excitement at Good Day Doodles for sure!

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