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Miss Bindi

Good Day’s Bindi     ALAA-044126



Size: Mini
Coat: Fleece
Color: chocolate
OFA Hips: Good
Cardiac: Normal
CERF: Normal
vWD: Clear
PRA: Clear
EIC: Clear
Patella: Normal

Miss Bindi! Just the cutest little thing you ever did see!  Her name is of Aboriginal origin meaning “little girl”.  Weighing just 18 lbs. she is full of spunk and cuddles. She is happy out running with every dog in the park or cuddled up for hours in your lap.  She is truly the most lab like miniature dog I have ever met.  Bindi does not have a single bit of “yappy” in her! Everywhere she goes (and she is always on the go) she is a walking calling card for Good Day Doodles.  To meet her, is to LOVE her!

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