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Miss Biscuit


Biscuit red roses

Good Day’s Biscuit  ALAA-041529
Size: 21 inches
Coat: Fleece
Color: Cream
OFA Prelim Hips: Normal
Cardiac: Normal
CERF: Normal
vWD: Clear
EIC: Clear
PRA: Clear
Patella: Normal

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Biscuit is a beautiful addition to our program and is the only girl at this time that can give us a “rainbow litter”!  When bred to a chocolate dog her litter will  be comprised of Blacks, Chocolates, Reds, Cafe’s, Apricots, and Creams!  Such fun to deliver!! Each one is a surprise!  Biscuit has huge feet, (she has large genes behind her…grandfather is the very large and infamous therapy dog Brando) and a luscious fleece coat .  She can be bred “down” with our very sweet chocolate boy Luke to give us large mediums or bred “up” to our handsome boy Rufus for a litter of standards. Stay tuned for the amazing litters she has in store for us!

Biscuit ….as written by her family!
When our veterinarian first met Biscuit, she declared that our puppy was
the most perfect dog she had ever seen… healthy, happy, playful, and very smart!

biscuit puppy
(Biscuit as a Puppy)

Her best friend is our 2-year-old Airedale, Peanut. They play constantly, either throughout the house or outside in our fenced yard. Of course, this results in numerous baths… which Biscuit tolerates much better than Peanut.

(Peanut and Biscuit out for a Car Ride)

(PLEASE Rub my Belly)

Biscuit loves to he hugged, and certainly her entire family is glad to accommodate. A real sweetheart, she draws a lot of attention wherever she goes, and really likes a belly rub.

(I love watching Tennis)

People don’t believe this until they see it, but Biscuit loves to watch television! She will sit sometimes for 10-15 minutes focused only on the TV… Usually before a nap….

(Nap Time. Another Tough Day)

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