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Miss Grace


Good Day’s Ms. Grace                                                                                               


Size: Standard 

Coat: Fleece

Color: Chocolate

Cardiac: Normal

CERF: Normal

EIC: Clear

PRA: Clear


This is what her guardian has to say about her:

“Our sweet girl is such a joy. She has a happy demeanor & is so eager to please. She is well socialized & loves playing with her brothers Sugah Pie & Honey Bunch. Our dogs love to ride in the car, especially if they get to go to Joymongers! Be sure to say “hi” if you see us there. Named after a beach song, ( “the minute I saw your face, I knew that I loved u!” ) she is a real beach babe. She loves the ocean, our pool, & our tub!  She has a weakness for peanut butter flavored bones & treats. Gracie is the best napper & cuddle buddy. She wishes to be a lap dog but is just as content with her head in your lap or over your shoulder. Ms. Grace is standard size with an above standard. She is a fashionista that will wear hats, collars, & bandanas. Ms. Grace was easy to train & is well behaved.”


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