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Ms. Bumble

Good Day’s Bumble ALAA-056297

Size: Standard
Coat: Fleece
Color: Apricot
OFA Hips: Normal
Cardiac: Normal
CERF: Normal
vWD: Clear
PRA: Clear
EIC: Clear
Patella: Normal


Bumble is a tender-heart who loves people. She weighs 60lbs and has a fleece coat that feels like velvet after a fresh grooming. She looks forward to visits to school or to the CrossFit gym to play with kids of all ages. Her favorite game is hide and seek and will playfully pounce when she’s found you! Bumble is a master squeaker with dog toys and loves her stuffed animals. She is gentle and adores spending her day people-watching downtown at Labaeur and Center City Park. Romping around with other dogs is her favorite way to spend her energy! She’ll play with dogs of all sizes and is super gentle with the little pups. Bumble is independent when it comes time to sleep and always prefers the cool touch of the tile on the bathroom floor and is a cuddle bug in the mornings when she first wakes up. 

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