Socializing Our Puppies

Preparing Them For A Lifetime Of Interaction

We follow the protocol suggested by renowned author, trainer and breeder, Jerry Hope. After attending Jerry’s seminar: A Breeder’s Guide To Raising Super Star Dogs at the ALAA conference in Atlanta, GA, we were convinced more than ever that puppies go through critical learning periods just as babies do. It is the breeder’s responsibility to capitalize on those growth periods and introduce as many different new sights, sounds, smells and situations as possible.

Jerry also advocates the Bio Sensor Program which you can find explained elsewhere on this site. Rest assured, when your puppy comes home he will have a solid foundation of socialization! Because our pups are whelped in our home as part of our family, they are easily introduced to a variety of experiences. From the child to the adult, the pups will have been exposed to both males and females alike. In addition the pups will have knowledge of other animals and various floor surfaces and modes of transportation. They will be accustomed to noises both inside the home and out. This all works to ensure you bring the best well balanced pet available into your home.