Good Day’s Rufus
ALAA# 030582

Rufus-FCC-Bridge-June-2013-1024x682Size: 27 in
Coat: Fleece
Color: Choc.
Penn Hips: 80th%ile
Cardiac: Normal
CERF: Normal
vWD: Clear
PRA: Clear
Thyroid: Normal
Patella: Normal

Rufus is probably our most famous Good Day Doodle as he is presently on two
different national Golf Calendars.  He is Mr. September in one and Mr. November in the other!!!.  Click here to find him in the scrolling pics at the bottom right to see his photo in the 2014 Lebanon’s Turf Calendar.
He is stunning in his pictures, but take my word,
they do not do him justice.  When you meet him in person, he is absolutely breath taking!  Rufus has a day job, and that includes chasing the geese off the golf course at Forsyth Country Club in Winston Salem, NC.  When not chasing geese, he enjoys riding over the course checking the greens or taking a cool swim in one of the water hazards.