Miss Bean

black australian labradoodle puppy named miss bean
  • ALAA-091467
  • WALA00038936
  • Size: Standard (55lbs)
  • Coat: Fleece
  • Color: Black
  • Cardiac: Normal
  • CERF: Normal
  • EIC: Clear
  • PRA: Clear
  • Patellas/Elbows: Normal

About Miss Bean

Bean is the happiest dog you’ll ever meet.  She has the most expressive eyes and always ready to give kisses.  Every stranger (dog or human) is a potential new friend in her opinion.

Her coat is extremely soft, and it’s all anyone talks about when they meet her.  That, and her sweet personality.

She loves to run in the yard (she’s so fast), plays fetch with her frisbee, and enjoys a good mud bath from time to time.  We call her our “little Muppet” for a reason.  She’s goofy but so lovable!