Miss Gypsy

  • ALAA-085872
  • WALAA00045769
  • Size: mini
  • Coat: Fleece
  • Color: Black Carries for parti
  • OFA Prelim Hips: Normal
  • Cardiac: Normal
  • CERF: Normal
  • EIC: Clear
  • PRA: Clear
  • Patella: Normal

About Miss Gypsy

From her Guardian: This has not been an easy thing.. she is just special!!

Gypsy is the sweetest little thing… She brings so much laughter and enjoyment to our lives.  From the time she wakes up, she is ready to go on an adventure.  She understands that just because the alarm goes off, it does mean it time to get out of bed.  Mom might hit a snooze.   Gypsy spends her days playing ball with River, laying on the deck or just doing nothing.  Her personality can be seen in her eyes when she looks at you.  She loves meeting new Humans, puppies, and kittens.   But,  she is ready to go to bed at 10 pm, she needs her beauty rest.  Gypsy is an ongoing adventure.  Can’t wait to see what happens next.