Miss Sammie

  • ALAA-059916
  • WALA00041076
  • Coat: Fleece
  • Color: cream
  • OFA Hips: Normal
  • Cardiac: Normal
  • CERF: Normal
  • vWD: Clear
  • PRA: Clear
  • EIC: Clear
  • Patella: Normal

About Miss Sammie

This is what her guardian has to say:

Snuggly – Always close at your side and quick to offer a kiss and snuggle.
Adorable – With so much personality and spunk, she just has a way of always being so adorable, especially when she tilts her head to the side!
Merry – Sammie is full of happiness and we are totally convinced she knows how to smile!
Medium – Weighing in at 40 pounds, she’s the perfect size.
Ideal – With all her beauty and fun personality, Sammie is the ideal family pet!
Enthusiastic – She is always eager to please and wants to be a part of our everyday routine; her enthusiasm for life is obvious!

Sammie makes our family complete and brings us joy and laughter every day!