What do I feed my adult dogs and puppies?


I get this question every day! For the past years my answer has changed many times as I’m always on the search for the best nutrition, low amount/odor poop (let’s be real, there is a lot of poop at my house!), and the best bang for my buck. And you must realize I have many different nutritional needs at my house, from the adult retired breeding dog, the pregnant/nursing mom, and the very young puppies.

We feed our dogs and the young pups, K-9 Kravings which is a raw food (yes it is uncooked, no preservatives all-natural, and balanced raw food). We do this because I believe it is the healthiest for them and builds a stronger digestive system for life. In my opinion that is evidenced by the fact we never (knock on wood) have diarrhea anymore. We used to get breakout episodes of diarrhea at every developmental stage (4 weeks, 6 weeks, and 8 weeks) and have to often treat by putting antibiotics in their little bodies, which in turn would throw off the flora in their digestive tracts…it’s a vicious cycle. However, feeding raw food is not inexpensive and not always convenient.  That is why we have the Canine Caviar option for when your puppy comes home.