We breed Australian Labradoodles
in North Carolina for families across America.
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What makes our Australian Labradoodles so special?

Among the many reasons why our Australian Labradoodles stand out from the rest is our focus on breeding for health and temperament first and foremost. We accomplish this first through our commitment to only breeding multi-generation Labradoodles. F1 and F1B doodles do not offer consistency in coat and temperament like the Multi-generational Australian Labradoodle.

We can offer excellence in temperament, as well as in overall health, including desirable coats with little to no shedding. Our breeding program is so well honed we can trace our lines back to its original founding dogs from Tegan Park and Rutland Manor.

Our dams and sires are placed in carefully selected guardian homes. This assures that they are well-socialized and receive nothing but individual love and attention. Puppies from Good Day Doodles are raised in home environments, where they are extensively acclimated to being with people and around day-to-day family activities.

As an extra special touch, we provide families access to a Nest camera link so you can watch puppies grow and thrive from the time they are born up until Gotcha Day. With our designation as a Golden Paw Breeder, you can rest assured that Good Day Doodles goes above and beyond to present our fellow doodle lovers with a happy, healthy puppy!

Australian Labradoodles: The perfect family pet

As detailed above, the Australian Labradoodle is a breed all its own – and an extremely delightful one at that. They are wonderfully loving and gentle and, when bred through a multi-generational process, they bring into your home the best traits of some of the finest dogs in the world.

Australian Labradoodle puppies are:

  • Great for first-time dog owners
  • Easily trainable (including potty training)
  • Kid-friendly
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Family-centered, which makes them
    the perfect Inside pet!
  • Vey intuitive. They match your get-up-and-go.
    Whatever level that may be.

We are proud of our
“Golden Paw Breeder”

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For more information about our upcoming litters or possible puppy availability please complete a puppy adoption application or contact us.