Grooming Your Australian Labradoodle

Hint: They Like Their Hair Brushed Too!

cafe colored australian labradoodle puppy being handwashed in sink
Australian Labradoodles need regular brushing and grooming. We brush our dogs every night before bedtime. We have done that since we first brought them home and I think the routine is relaxing for them. That may be over doing it a bit, but basically a good brushing once a week will be essential.

The Australian Labradoodle’s coat grows rapidly and needs to be brushed to prevent tangling and matting. Your dog will grow out of his puppy coat around 8- 14 months of age and you will definitely want to go to the groomer then. Or if you are so inclined, you can give it a try yourself! Remember nails need to be trimmed monthly and if your pup has a lot of hair in the ears they might need attention as well.

Grooming Suggestions From A Professional

Margo Freibott of A Becoming Pet breaks down some of her essential grooming tips in the videos below. Our pups go to her salon prior to leaving Good Day Doodles. It is an important step in our proven breeding program.  Not only do they look their very best, but it is one more experience they have under their belt before going out into the world!
I had read and heard that if a Labradoodle’s coat gets dirty that you should first let it dry and then the dirt will fall away, leaving it nice and pretty again. I really didn’t believe this and had to see it for myself. So the first time Sophie came in from playing outside in the wet grass and muddy flower beds, I didn’t panic.I told the kids to take a look and we would just wait and see. I wanted witnesses! Sure enough, she dried and I brushed her feet and you couldn’t tell she had ever been dirty!