Training Good Manners

Preparing your puppy to Dine with the Queen of England

Every new puppy needs to know his manners! At the very minimum this means “here” “sit” and “stay”. Try to take just a few minutes each day (at least 15) every day to review the basic commands. This can easily be incorporated into feeding time or when entering or exiting a door.

Why Training Your Puppy Is Crucial

We recommend formal training and most facilities offer all levels, from puppy kindergarten to Canine Good Citizen Certificates. Australian Labradoodles are easily trained and are very quick learners. So often, parents that have very well behaved and good mannered children will have a family pet that is completely out of control. We don’t want to see this happen with our doodles! We want to know that they have the training to keep their minds active and their behavior under control. You can’t imagine the pride an owner feels when his pet is perfectly mannered when taken out in public or when friends come over to visit. The Australian Labradoodle is highly intelligent and extremely easy to train. It is unfortunate if this opportunity is missed!


     Here are our recommendations!


 Baxter and Bella is a wonderful resource for information and training. Baxter & Bella wants you to know that your pet-parenting success is their number one priority, and in addition to their lessons & videos curriculum, your lifetime membership also provides a number of other incredible supporting resources too; each designed to help you every step of the way, including unlimited assistance from their team of puppy-parenting professionals with the promise to do all they can in order to support you and your canine companion as you work toward achieving better animal ownership and experiencing the very best in canine companionship! A lifetime membership is $238.00 However with our Code: GDD25 you will receive a 25% discount. 


Here is what a Good Day Doodle family had to say about using Baxter & Bella: 

 “Daisy almost immediately learned to sit to say please (without the verbal cue), and she is doing great with lots of verbal commands (sit, down, stay, go-to place, come, crate, leave it, she doesn’t cry during crate time, extremely few bathroom accidents and the ones she’s had have been our fault, and we have just started working on loose leash/heel walking of very short distance at a time (not long walks, only 25 or 50 feet or so to practice but she is getting it).  She gives great strategies to train away from biting/nipping etc.  I think Daisy is just highly trainable and intelligent, to begin with, but as a person who is new to dog ownership, the training so far has gone incredibly smoothly, and I feel like I understand Daisy better by reading the material and watching the videos.   A lot of the principles you shared with us in terms of potty training, socialization, etc. are echoed in her training. Just my 2 cents!!”