Australian Labradoodle Temperament

Sweet demeanor, gentle spirit, loving companion

caramel cream colored australian labradoodle sitting with little girl
There are many important factors to consider when choosing a dog to add to your family. Some, like the size of your home and your schedule, are dependent on you. Others depend on the breed of your potential pet. One of the most important aspects of a breed to look at is their temperament: how they interact with people, how they interact with other dogs, and their general demeanor.
The breed temperament is one of the two main reasons our family chose the Australian Labradoodle as our canine companions! It was also one of the reasons we decided to bring the joy of these wonderful dogs to others with the Good Day Doodles breeding program.

Over and over again, we had heard other owners rave about their extra-friendly, loving, and smart Doodles and we did some research. After all, everyone loves their dogs and say they’re the most affectionate, intelligent dog in the world. When we went looking for more information, we found source after source confirming the affectionate nature, comical sense of humor, and superior level of intelligence found in the Australian Labradoodle. Still, we wanted to see for ourselves how amazing these pups really were.

When our first Australian Labradoodle came into our home we realized all that we had heard and everything we had read hadn’t begun to scratch the surface. These dogs never cease to exceed our expectations in terms of sociability, friendliness, and general affability. They are incredibly quick to learn and easy to teach. There really are no words to do the breed justice! Their unconditional love, endless optimism, and impressive intelligence is something you must experience for yourself to truly understand.

The Australian Labradoodle breed was established to meet the need for hypoallergenic service dogs, and they live up to the high standards we have grown accustomed to for dogs who assist others. They are easy to train due to their amazing intelligence, and are as funny as they are fun. They are both obedient and loyal, anticipating the needs of their owners with ease.

Australian Labradoodles are energetic, playful, and full of love for everyone. They are great around kids as well as other dogs, and are remarkable problem-solvers. They’ve even been known to outsmart their owners on occasion, so prepare for a constant, pleasant surprise. They do need a lot of exercise, as they are very active dogs, and they love to play.
In fact, their temperament is so wonderful that in the Australian Labradoodle Association of America “Breed Standard” it is written:

“Extremely clever, sociable, comical, joyful, energetic when free and soft and quiet when handled. They should approach people in a happy friendly manner, keen and easy to train. They display an intuition about their family members or handler’s current emotional state or needs. This ability to “know” is what has made the Australian Labradoodle an excellent dog for individuals with special needs.”

We have only one warning about this breed; it’s very difficult… to own just one! If you have been searching for a friendly, intelligent, and energetic canine companion, look no further than the amazing Australian Labradoodle. Call us today to find out how the Good Day Doodles can bring the joyous energy of this wonderful breed into your home and start the path to completing your family!