Miss Ginger

caramel colored australian labradoodle named Miss Ginger
  • ALAA-072398
  • WALA00040117
  • Size: Medium
  • Coat: Fleece
  • Color: Caramel
  • OFA Prelim Hips: Normal
  • Cardiac: Normal
  • CERF: Normal
  • vWD: Clear
  • EIC: Clear
  • PRA: Clear
  • Patella: Normal

About Miss Ginger

Ginger is the friendliest dog that we’ve ever had. She’s always excited to see someone whether they’re familiar or not, quite literally jumping with joy whenever she has the chance to interact with anybody. She will even give them a smile! She is obedient and is a very quick learner having learned subtle hand gestures and sounds to associate with various commands within a week of having been with us. As well she is extremely affectionate and is always wanting to be around other people and dogs. Whether taking a walk around the neighborhood or just resting on the couch she is most comfortable around her family.