• ALAA-075576

  • WALA00040119
  • Size: Standard
  • Coat: Fleece
  • Color: Red
  • Cardiac: Normal
  • PennHips & OFA Hips & Elbows
  • CERF: Normal
  • EIC: Clear

About Jax

Written by his Dad:  I am lucky enough be the proud co-parent of his mom Bumble so I’ve been there for all the blessings that came from her 3 litters but I was blessed even more when I got to be the guardian of Jax. Jax and I connected about 2-3 mins after he was born and we’ve become best friends. We are inseparable except for the 25 to 26 hours I am on shift at the fire station. He goes everywhere with me. He brightens everyone’s day and each person who knows him and he knows brightens his day as well. He’s always excited to see his friends and family (humans, dogs, and cats) that he spends so much time with while I’m on shift. Jax has a huge familarmy. He is the most loving, caring, happy, and silly dog. He is comfortable and happy to be on his own and entertain himself, but would rather play and/or cuddle up close of that option is available to him. Those who meet Jax always say the same thing, “they can’t believe how calm and friendly he is”, and “how soft he is” and “he looks like a teddy bear”. People always ask how he is and where he is. Before they ask how I am lol. I can’t blame them though because I know first hand why. He plays non stop if circumstances allow it. He plays so well with other dogs, adults, and children. He gladly listens to his commands with a mutual respectful obedience. It pleases/rewards him to please you and vice versa. He LOVES the water but is still currently exploring it. Oh yeah. He loves spending time with his mom and half sister. They play non stop. Bumble and him love to wrestle for hours at a time. Buzzy get in the action at times but sometimes Bum and Jax get a little to rough and she seeks cover lol.