Early Spay and Neutering

A Safe & effective procedure with many benefits

Spaying & neutering our pups is a safe, fast, and humane procedure that has many benefits for both pets and owners. This procedure is proven to give your pup a longer & healthier life: reducing the risk of uterine infections and breast tumors in females, and testicular cancer & prostate problems in males. Read more from the ASPCA here.

We participate in Early Spay and Neutering (ESN), Vasectomies and Ovary-Sparing Spays as advised by the AVMA.  Studies have shown that anesthetizing 7 week old puppies is safe and uneventful.  In addition, spays are reported to be easier and faster with shorter recovery periods and with less pain.  Our veterinarian utilizes human grade anesthesia, warming beds for recovery, laser therapy and take home pain medications just as a matter of protocol.  When they arrive back home on the same day, they have ravenous appetites and are ready to play. Stitches are internal so there is not even a need for them to wear the “collar of shame”! They never miss a step!