Guardian Program

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Guardian Home Openings Are Available Now!

Every dog deserves to be a permanent member of a family! We would love to have all doodles in our program live in our home with us, but that just isn’t possible.

Our Guardian Home Program works like this: If you live within a 40 mile radius of Greensboro, NC and would like to have a genuine Australian Labradoodle that is the best of the best, at a greatly reduced price you might want to see if your home would qualify as a Guardian Home.

You must have a fenced in yard (or willing to keep your pet on a leash when outside) and be able to spend a large part of every day with your pet. Your pet should be an inside dog and never left unattended outside for long periods of time.

You also must be committed to providing socialization and basic obedience skills. Your pet will be completely health tested at Good Day Doodles’ expense.

If you have chosen a female, she will need to be taken to the vet when she comes into heat for various hormone tests and for breeding. We will handle all of the scheduling and expenses but you must have the flexibility and means to get her to the appointments.

You will simply notify us at the first sign of her heat cycle. When she is pregnant we will provide any supplements or vitamins and take her to any vet visits.

When she is approximately one week away from her due date she will come and stay with us through her delivery and until she weans her pups (around 6 weeks of age). Then she will return home to you.

Watermarked PhotoShe will be bred no more than four times. At the end of her breeding career your $500 payment will be due and she will be forever yours.

If your pet is a male breeder, his time away from you will be much shorter. When his time comes to retire your $500 payment will be due and he will be forever yours.

If you think you would like to be a part of the Good Day Doodles breeding program please fill out an application by clicking here.