Health Testing



We follow the strictest health testing set forth in the “Silver Paw” and “Gold Paw” programs recommended by the Australian Labradoodle Association. This means our breeding dogs are continuously being screened/tested for the following:

  • CERF stands for Canine Eye Registration Foundation and contains a wealth of information regarding heritable eye diseases. The CERF exam is performed by a veterinary ophthalmologist.
  • PRA refers to Progressive Retinal Atrophy and we utilize the OptiGen PRCD DNA test to ensure that none of our puppies will develop this degenerative eye problem.
  • OFA and/or PennHip: This is a series of specialized X-Rays to determine the presence of, or likelihood of developing dysplasia or osteoarthritis in the hips, elbows or patella
  • Cardiac Clearance
  • vWD is a test specifically designed for a type of hemophilia (free bleeder) in dogs.
  • CBC is a complete blood count which looks at the white and red blood cells as well as the different types of each. For instance, with anemia, the red blood cells are examined and for a bacterial versus viral infection, a closer look at the white blood cells would be indicated.
  • EIC Exercise Induced Collapse
  • IC Improper Coat where indicated

To put it in a nut-shell, all this means that you can be assured that you are bringing the highest quality Australian Labradoodle you can find, into your home to love for years to come!