Training Good Manners

Preparing your puppy to Dine with the Queen of England

Every new puppy needs to know his manners! At the very minimum this means “here” “sit” and “stay”. Try to take just a few minutes each day (at least 15) every day to review the basic commands. This can easily be incorporated into feeding time or when entering or exiting a door.

Why Training Your Puppy Is Crucial

We recommend formal training and most facilities offer all levels, from puppy kindergarten to Canine Good Citizen Certificates. Australian Labradoodles are easily trained and are very quick learners. So often, parents that have very well behaved and good mannered children will have a family pet that is completely out of control. We don’t want to see this happen with our doodles! We want to know that they have the training to keep their minds active and their behavior under control. You can’t imagine the pride an owner feels when his pet is perfectly mannered when taken out in public or when friends come over to visit. The Australian Labradoodle is highly intelligent and extremely easy to train. It is unfortunate if this opportunity is missed!

Potty Training

If you want to house train your puppy in the fastest and easiest way possible (and who wouldn’t want to do that?) you need to follow this simple rule. AT ALL TIMES your puppy should be:

  1. Actively engaged with you playing or training….this does not mean, you watching him play from afar while you do something else. This means hands on and eye to eye contact in whatever activity you are engaged in with your puppy.
  2. Your puppy should be tethered to you by a leash. This is easy, just slip one end of the leash through your belt loop and clip the other end to your puppy and then go on about your routine. If you are laying on the couch watching TV, the puppy is on the floor by your side. If you are sitting at the desk answering emails, the puppy is by your side. If the phone rings and you jump up to get it, the puppy comes too, and will quickly learn to stay tuned to you and your movements. Tethering accomplishes a couple of things. Most importantly with regards to house training, it never allows your puppy to make a mistake and potty on a rug, behind the sofa, around the corner….It can’t happen. Remember, the puppy needs to potty after ever time he eats and every time he wakes up. If he falls asleep by your side and wakes up to then take two steps to go potty, you know it instantly and can prevent it from happening. As a bonus, It teaches the puppy to focus on you, rather than the other way around, it makes leash training much easier, as he knows to follow you and, it teaches him that you are the Alpha pack leader.
  3. And the last condition…., if you are not actively engaged playing/training, or tethered to the puppy, he should be in his crate. Those are the only three scenarios.